Your HEOR partner­

Your HEOR partner

We work in partnership with our clients to optimise market access for new healthcare interventions.


We develop, synthesise and present evidence to support market access for new healthcare interventions. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for patients and our clients.

Economic Modelling & Data Analysis

We provide design, development, and strategic review of economic models.

Evidence Generation

Our systematic review team produce high-quality, user-friendly deliverables.

Market Access & Value Communication

Our medical writers develop clear and concise written materials, which effectively communicate an evidence-based value proposition.

Health Technology Assessment

We support HTA submission development to UK and international agencies, with strategic advice throughout the process.


We provide training courses in health economics, economic modelling, and systematic literature review, which we tailor to our clients’ needs and audience.


Flexible Model Build

Attaining a positive health technology assessment (HTA) recommendation in rare diseases can be challenging, with a paucity of data and uncertainty in the natural history. As part of Project HERCULES (PH), the Source team developed a core cost-effectiveness model to support HTA submissions in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). The model has the flexibility to accommodate different interventions with different patient populations, treatment effects, methods of administration, and treatment rules. The model accommodates different perspectives and types of analysis. Input from clinicians, patients, and caregivers shape the natural history captured by the model and a robust core data set has been provided from other PH workstreams. The resulting cost-effectiveness model provides a robust, standardised framework to help optimise HTA outcomes for new interventions in DMD.

Statistical services

In a recent project, our statistics team performed a series of statistical analyses using individual patient-level data (IPD) from a client’s cardiovascular study to generate health state distributions, adverse event rates, and utility values for the product. Estimates from the IPD and appropriate statistical models helped with communicating the value of the product with more transparency and accuracy.

Absence of long-term data

Randomised controlled trials for gene therapies often do not contain sufficient follow-up to enable reliable extrapolation of long-term treatment effects. A 12-month study of a gene therapy showed no decline in outcomes, whereas clinical opinion suggested otherwise. To inform the basecase of our client’s Health Technology Assessment (HTA) model, Source elicited clinical opinion to inform the distribution of patients across health states at given time points. We converted these predictions to a multistate model and were able to generate extrapolations suitable for submission to an HTA body.

Absence of trial data for a non-drug intervention

Economic evidence was required to support the use of a non-drug intervention in oncology, for which no trial data existed. To estimate the clinical effectiveness of the intervention and communicate its economic value in the absence of published guidance, Source adopted an iterative approach to identifying clinical evidence. We performed a targeted literature review on direct and intermediate outcomes, supported by an exploratory cost-effectiveness analysis based on these hypothetical estimates – including substantial sensitivity and threshold analyses – which guided the selection of the population of interest. We were able to clearly demonstrate key data gaps and determinants of cost-effectiveness to our client, and develop a conference abstract based on the analysis to support future evidence generation activities.

Meeting HTA deadlines under short timelines

Source delivered an HTA dossier for a complex project, which required a flexible and responsive approach to project management. Few of the required project materials had become available until shortly before submission (clinical trial outcomes, results from meta-analysis and delays in availability of other materials), resulting in bottlenecks and considerable time pressures. We proactively anticipated risks from project outset and used placeholder data to prepare for a range of scenarios, maintained regular communication to reassure our client, and structured our timelines to accommodate their internal schedule of activities. Our approach resulted in a positive HTA submission and reinforced our partnership with our client.


Source Health Economics was founded in 2016. We are a team of specialists in health technology assessment, health economics, statistics, medical writing, systematic review, and meta-analysis. We are based in central London and Oxford.

We strive to deliver technical excellence, minimise complexity, and are dedicated to getting things right. Our flexible and collaborative approach helps us to forge lasting partnerships with our clients.

Our ethos

​We put people first: patients, clients, and staff. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for patients and our clients. We take care of our staff and invest in their development. We believe if we are committed to these objectives, the company will thrive.

Client testimonials

Quote 1


“The project work was in a pioneering therapeutic area with good degree of uncertainty in the outcomes. Source Health Economics’ approach was clear with robust methodology, included systematic literature reviews and required modelling skills, which were augmented by superb project management and senior leadership support.”

EMEA Senior Market Access and HEOR Manager
Targeted literature review, early cost effectiveness analysis, poster, abstract and manuscript

Quote 2


"I have worked with Source Health Economics on multiple projects for 2 years. With long term projects a good working relationship and consistent people makes life so much easier. What we have with Source feels like a true partnership, the team will challenge us and add critical thinking to the project in a collaborative way.”

Global Market Access Director
Commissioning a global model and NICE submission

Quote 3


“This is the first time I have used Source for a manuscript and their standard of writing is very good. With good project management and communication, flexibility, and attention to detail. We will continue to use Source for further work needs and would recommend to others. I can’t fault them.”

UK Market Access Director
Commissioning a UK manuscript

Quote 4


“I worked with the Source team on developing a budget impact model and have to say from the outset I knew we were in expert hands. The model was comprehensive yet so simple to use and delivered exactly what I was hoping. I would highly recommend Source to anyone looking to work with a knowledgeable, solution oriented and results driven team.”

UK Market Access Lead
Commissioning a budget impact model to support local market access

Quote 5


“Our first time using Source and we were very satisfied and glad we chose them for our NICE economics section and cost-effectiveness model development. They were a delight to work with and the writing was very impressive, clinically accurate, clear and concise resulting in minimal comment from our reviewers.”

UK National Oncology Market Access Manager
Cost-effectiveness model & NICE submission

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